SRK at MINEX Central Asia 2017

SRK is a proud sponsor of the MINEX Central Asia Forum.

Our participation at the conference will be as follows:

Tuesday 18 April
Pre-Forum master class: Delivering strategic value in the mine planning process
Presenters: Allan Blair, Karl Llewelyn and Fraser McQueen (SRK UK)
Wednesday 19 April
Presentation: Mine Closure: A Global Perspective
Presenter: Jeff Parshley (SRK US)
Thursday 20 April
Presentation: Mine to Mill Reconciliation Best Practice
Presenter: Richard Nicholls (SRK UK)
Thursday 20 April
Presentation: Importance of closure criteria for successful mine closure
Presenter: Zhanar Faizuldayeva (SRK Kazakhstan)
Thursday 20 April
Presentation: Standardised Reclamation Cost Estimation
Presenter: Jeff Parshley (SRK US)
Thursday 20 April
Presentation: Application of the Minex Process for extraction of metals from metallurgical wastes
Presenter: David Tait (SRK UK)


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