SRK Hires Cathryn MacCallum as Principal Consultant (Social)

Cathryn MacCallum(02/06/2014) - SRK Consulting welcomes Cathryn MacCallum to our Cardiff office as a Principal Consultant (Social). Cathryn’s specialist knowledge will enhance the broad range of services already offered by our environment and social team.

Cathryn has 25 years’ of international experience as a social scientist, she has developed integrated approaches to sustainable livelihoods and has provided extensive technical support and advice to poverty reduction and rural livelihoods projects in sub-Saharan Africa, MENA and the Caribbean. As an experienced and skilled social economist, she has undertaken work as both a freelance consultant and technical advisor to various international bodies, such as FAO, UNESCO, DFID, UNDP and the EU.

Cathryn has extensive field experience, particularly with respect to social baseline data collection, livelihood analysis and social impact assessments – most recently she spent nearly a year working on Xstrata’s iron ore project in Mauritania where she lead the SIA and stakeholder engagement for the ESIA.

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