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International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world and aims to raise awareness to eliminate discrimination against women. It also focuses on helping women gain full and equal participation in global development. 
We are proud of the initiatives established and being developed by our employees that align with these goals, which include the formation of our Inclusion and Diversity Committee.
After the success of our participation in the International Women in Resources Mentoring Programme last year, we have increased our support this year.  From SRK UK, Lucy Roberts, one of our geologists and Inge Moors, a minerals economist, and Assiya Kuptleuova Chief Accountant for SRK Kazakhstan join seven women from other SRK consulting practices worldwide on the scheme.
We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all the women working in our business and industry on the commemoration of International Women’s Day.
Tim McGurk
Chairman, SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd
Director, SRK Consulting (Global) Ltd

Melanie Cox
Consultant (Geochemistry), Cardiff

I have always had a great interest in Earth Sciences; I initially started in the mining industry as a Project Management Assistant and worked towards a distance learning degree in order to progress to Consultant within SRK.  I wanted a job which was both interesting and rewarding. My role at SRK allows me to work on a variety of different projects in different parts of the world. It is satisfying to know that you are helping to make a difference in the way mining waste is handled for environmental protection.  My favourite aspect of my role with SRK is the opportunities to travel and meet inspirational people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.  My proudest achievement in my career to date is finishing my studies whilst working at the same time and raising two young children. 

I see IWD as a great opportunity to celebrate the success of women and promote further equality in what is historically a male dominated industry.

Lucy Roberts
Principal Consultant (Resource Geology), Cardiff

My interest in the industry comes before I was born, my father worked as a mechanical engineer in the mining industry, and I remembered being taken to see his trucks at the workshop.  I knew this was something I was interested in, but wanted something more nature based.  I have always been interested in geology, and how multiple scientific and engineering disciplines across the industry come together to develop mining projects.  My favourite aspect of my role at SRK is the opportunity to work with interesting people, in varied parts of the world.  I enjoy the problem-solving aspects of consultancy in particular.  It is hugely satisfying to think you are helping to improve the industry, and the projects I am most proud of are where we can work across disciplines to provide the best service to our clients. Every project gives the opportunity to learn something new.  

IWD is a wonderful chance to focus on and celebrate the contribution that women make, both to our industry, and beyond.  I see it as a chance for women to come together, in optimism and in strength.  

Inge Moors
Principal Consultant (Mineral Economics), Cardiff

What attracted me to study mining engineering, was the fun of engineering (how do things work?!), combined with a fair amount of geology (what explains what we see?), and the international focus of the programme and future job prospects. Joining SRK straight after graduation was not by everyone seen as a wise choice back then, but I’ve created my own spot within our department, focussing on technical economic models and doing what I love: numbers. Getting to work with colleagues and clients from a wide range of disciplines, it’s a never ending learning curve, which keeps it fascinating. My favourite project was the one where I was fully accepted by the client as one of the team, not all too common unfortunately as we are often the reviewers!

Whilst gender diversity (and diversity in general) is getting more focus these days, it still has a long way to go. IWD is a great means to draw attention to this. 

Insiya Salam
Consultant (ESG), Cardiff

Having gained my social experience largely from working in the third sector, I was excited at the opportunity to bring my international development experience to the mining industry. I’ve always had an interest in ensuring international standards and frameworks are met in terms of effectiveness of interventions and accountability towards affected populations. Assisting on the resettlement planning for a hydropower project in West Africa has been a great way to contribute to the industry and my role at SRK allows me to continue developing my knowledge around social issues, including resilience building and sustainable livelihoods. Travelling to new countries is great too!

Social reviews of largescale mining projects can highlight how gender inequalities within communities are often reinforced or exacerbated as a result of direct and indirect impacts that materialise over time. This might be because women are not engaged in consultation processes or their needs and interests are not fully accounted for. Gender equality and the empowerment of women is a matter of rights - this is why IWD is important to me. 


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