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Sustainability Assessment Methods for Development of Oil Shale Deposits

Sergei Sabonov
Wednesday, October 12, 2011
First presented: 
Almaty, October 2011
Published paper

The demand for oil shale depends on the oil market; as the reserves of the oil are being depleted, the oil shale becomes more and more important as a source of energy and as alternative source of liquid fuels and chemical raw materials. Oil shale mining processes impact on the environment, economy and people, whilst there may be positive contributions to the economy and social progress through mining there are also negative impacts to the environment. The aim of this study is to elaborate sustainability assessment methodologies suitable for the development of oil shale deposits. The method is based on analysis of general characteristics of oil shale and related rocks from over one hundred oil shale deposits around the world. The sustainability assessment methods provide a guide to decision making for the oil shale mining industry and can be used in the exploration, planning, exploitation and closure stages.

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