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Leapfrog Edge Estimation Testing

Alexander Mitrofanov
Thursday, May 9, 2019
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A common approach to evaluate a new software application is to compare its results with those from a widely-accepted software platform. This evaluation is especially important in the selection of software employed in mineral resource estimation, given the results are used for long-term mine planning, financial decision-making and public reporting.

A study was undertaken to compare mineral resource estimation results obtained in a recently-developed Leapfrog Edge estimation module against Datamine Studio RM. The same estimation inputs were used for 20 domains, and the outputs from several interpolation algorithms were cross-checked. The comparison shows the good reproduction of the estimation results between the two software packages.




Feature Author

Dr. Alexander Mitrofanov

Alexander has over 11 years of employment in the geological sector; his major experience lies within complex geologic modelling, geostatistics and resource estimation. Since joining SRK Consulting, Alexander’s responsibilities have included geological and structural modelling, resource estimation, preparation of geological and estimation chapters for 43-101 and JORC-code reports from PEA/SS to FS level, exploration supervision and other geological activities.

Resource Geologist
PhD, PGeo
SRK Toronto
SRK United Kingdom