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Feasibility Studies - Getting it Right First Time

David Pearce
Thursday, October 18, 2018
First presented: 
China Mining 2018
Project Evaluation

This presentation discusses how the efficient operation of a very expensive mining project is often defined by the decisions made on the mining method, sequence, and design criteria. In an ideal world, these decisions would be made with perfect information and after exhaustive studies. However, in the real world, funds are often limited and time is precious. Understanding how to balance the study process with real-world constraints requires a solid understanding of the issues, the study process and what decisions need to be made. SRK Russia's Director, David Pearce, provides practical advice on how to develop projects successfully and avoid making expensive mistakes.

Feature Author

David Pearce

David is a Principal Mining Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in open-pit mining operations, both coal and hard-rock.  He spent 11 years working on world class mining operations in various roles before joining SRK in 1999.  With SRK David has led several due diligence reviews of mining and base metal smelting operations for acquisitions, stock exchange listings and project finance, as well as managing technical studies and business improvement projects.  He has also been involved with the development of resource-reserve reporting guidelines in Russia, provided training courses to senior managers at leading Russian companies, and understands the similarities and differences between Russian and international project design and reserve reporting methods and how to link them.  This combination of experience enables David to provide advice and direction with regards to optimising operations and projects, as well conducting due diligence reviews when seeking investment.

Principal Mining Engineer
General Director
SRK Moscow
SRK United Kingdom