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Process-Metals Accounting Audits

Metal accounting audits can be required for a number of reasons.  For example, it could be necessary as part of an assessment and improvement of plant metallurgical performance, or as a check on security issues around the plant, or as part of a mine-wide metallurgical accounting exercise.  As part of these activities, it is necessary to audit the historical operating data, the actual physical plant and equipment, and plant inventory details.


  • Use of experienced metallurgical engineers
  • Site visits and current and historical data collection
  • Plant metallurgical inventory reviews
  • Review of operating practices pertinent to metal accounting issues
  • Detailed reporting identifying issues requiring attention and potential improvements to the overall metal accounting practice and procedures
  • SRK are also able to undertake International Cyanide Code auditing of operations using accredited staff


SRK would always visit the plant/operation in order to:

  • Collect current and historical operating data including feed, products and waste stream information
  • Review and assess the different measurement methods used in the normal plant accounting process (e.g. conveyor weightometer accuracy, slurry mass flow instrumentation)
  • Undertake an inventory audit including items of equipment and overall operation in order to identify specific metal inventory issues within the circuit and where necessary to instigate a full circuit inventory exercise
  • Comment on any security issues that may affect metal accounting
  • Review the metal accounting procedures
  • Report the results of the metal accounting audit, identifying any shortcomings in the practice and procedures used with recommendations for improvement


SRK has access to a broad base of personnel who have experience of different operations and processes and are familiar with the normal accounting methods used on metallurgical plants throughout the world.



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