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Water Quality Assessment for Mining & Infrastructure Projects

Water quality assessment is relevant to many aspects of mining and infrastructure operations, from potable water supply considerations to environmental aspects of water quality.

SRK has extensive experience in all aspects of water quality assessment within the mining industry context.  This experience extends from water quality assessments at scoping and feasibility study stages through to mine closure assessment of issues such as acid rock drainage.


  • Potable water supply quality and health
  • Water treatment
  • Water quality sampling and monitoring
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) baseline studies
  • Acid Rock Drainage Metal Leaching (ARDML) characterisation
  • Corrosion assessment (sulphate-reducing bacteria, iron-reducing bacteria etc)
  • Biogeochemical processes
  • Water quality risk assessment
  • Mine closure and water quality
  • Treatment options and water use optimisation


Water quality is an important consideration relevant to many aspects of a mining project.  These include potable water supply, process water quality, environmental water quality, ARDML and water treatment.

SRK can advise on specific water quality issues when required or we can address water quality in a more integrated manner when involved in multi-disciplinary studies.  Our approach is always pragmatic, thorough and focused on identifying solutions to water quality issues.


SRK’s value in water quality assessment is based upon extensive and diverse experience across the mining and infrastructure sectors.  This experience extends into broader areas including mine water supply, environmental and social impact assessment and mine geochemistry.

Our team of specialists includes hydrogeologists, hydrologists, geochemists, hydrogeochemists and environmental scientists supported by process and civil engineers.  This expertise is supported by state of the art software tools for modelling of water quality, contaminant transport and ARDML prediction and impact.

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