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Mine Closure and Groundwater Recovery

The impacts of groundwater recovery at mine closure stage of a mining operation can be substantial and complex, whether the closure is permanent or temporary. Predictive modelling prior to closure is an effective tool towards managing closure impacts.

SRK can evaluate the impacts of groundwater recovery and advise on long term closure aftercare strategies accordingly.


  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Pit lake dynamics
  • Geochemistry and water quality
  • Acid Rock Drainage Metal Leaching (ARDML) generation
  • Contaminant transport modelling
  • Water collection and treatment
  • Licensing and permitting
  • Closure costs and liability assessment


Ideally, surface and groundwater management is planned for closure at the start of mining to minimise potential liabilities for closure. For mines operating below the water table, cessation of dewatering needs to be managed to minimise impacts.  Similarly, the chemistry and internal dynamics of the resulting pit lake or water discharges need to be understood.

Groundwater and surface water modelling is a key tool for assessing and predicting the effects of mine closure on the water environment. SRK can undertake the data collection through to development of conceptual and numerical models for both the assessment of groundwater and surface water flow and water quality. Calibrated models are then used as a management tool to support aftercare strategies.


SRK has a blend of wide-ranging mining industry capability and technical groundwater and surface water modelling and assessment expertise which enables us to deliver effective and practical solutions to a project’s mine closure management strategy. 

Our team of specialists includes hydrogeologists, hydrologists, surface and groundwater modellers, geochemists and environmental scientists. This expertise is supported by use of state of the art software tools for modelling of groundwater flow, surface water hydrology, contaminant transport, mine water balance assessment and ARDML prediction and impact.

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