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Mining Related Environmental & Social Audits, Review & Monitoring

Provision of an independent opinion on performance by means of audits, reviews and monitoring programmes enabling risks, liabilities and opportunities to be identified and evaluated. The results of such studies can be used to inform company management and facilitate communication with regulators, stakeholders or investors.


  • Due diligence studies to raise finance or inform mergers and acquisitions
  • Review feasibility studies and impact assessment reports against agreed criteria such as host country laws or the Equator Principles
  • Develop and implement monitoring programmes to evaluate specific issues
  • Undertake quantitative or qualitative liability and risk assessments
  • Evaluate management system effectiveness including organisational capacity and training needs
  • Undertake compliance audits
  • Estimate budget needed to prevent, remediate or compensate for identified liabilities


  • Selected teams are chosen by SRK to suit specific scope of work based on technical, regulatory and country experience
  • Work is scoped and clearly defined proportional to the expected risk/liability
  • Reporting is clear, concise and unambiguous fashion highlighting risks and opportunities
  • Technical, managerial or financial solutions are proposed by SRK to emphasise envisaged benefits and potential cost savings
  • Close relationships with our geology, mining, water, geotechnical and financial colleagues enable environmental and social issues to be considered within the context of the overall project


  • Over 20 years of auditing, reviewing and monitoring the environmental and social aspects of mining and associated projects
  • SRK’s specialists have completed studies all over the world, ranging from high level reviews to detailed compliance audits
  • Our team is well-respected by the investment community due to our extensive due diligence and independent review work
  • Our fully independent specialists conversant with various international standards such as the Equator Principles, International Finance Corporations ( IFC) Performance Standards, African Development Bank standards and International Council on Mining and Metals ( ICMM) guidelines
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