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Mining Projects - Re-settlement Planning

Mining projects may cause physical and/or economic displacement for local communities, which, unless properly managed, may result in long-term hardship, environmental damage or adverse socio-economic impacts both to the displaced communities and the areas to which they have been relocated. SRK can assist with the development and execution of an effective resettlement plan that meets country legislation (where applicable) and IFC Performance Standard 5 on Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement.



  • Developing resettlement action plans, including:

              -  Identification of affected parties

              -  Conducting  a census of affected parties

              -  Developing an assets register of affected parties

              -  Conducting appropriate resettlement related stakeholder engagement in terms of the affected communities and the government

              -  Developing an entitlement framework

              -  Developing a resettlement process

              -  Developing compensation measures and livelihood restoration strategies

  • Executing  resettlement action plans
  • Monitoring and evaluating resettlement programmes
  • Conducting resettlement completion audits



SRK’s approach to resettlement is guided by respect for the affected people, the national legislation of the country in which the resettlement takes place, and international best practice (IFC Performance Standard 5). The following principles underpin SRK’s approach:

  • Resettlement should leave affected people equal or better off than before their displacement
  • Resettlement planning is done in a participatory manner
  • Vulnerable affected groups should receive special attention



  • SRK’s team has: undertaken resettlement completion audits; implemented concurrent monitoring and evaluation studies; and prepared resettlement plans and policies for projects related to mining, industrial infrastructure, roads/highways, railways and oil/gas fields
  • SRK has resettlement planning related experience in Asia, Africa and South America (with major projects in: India, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Suriname and Sierra Leone)
  • SRK has conducted reviews on behalf of confidential clients (mainly in the financial sector) of resettlement plans prepared by mining and infrastructure companies including projects in: Mozambique, Ghana, Peru, Colombia, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Guinea, Brazil and Romania
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