Asia: Oman mining strategy

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SRK News | Issue 60
SRK's 45th Anniversary

In 2017, SRK was appointed by the Public Authority for Mining as lead consultant of a consortium with Wood Mackenzie Limited and Mayer Brown LLP to deliver a multi-disciplinary review of the Oman mining sector and develop a strategy to support the sector’s development over the next decade, laying the foundation for its long-term sustainable growth. 
The strategy considered: 
  • Maximising the economic value of the Oman mining sector
  • Managing the sustainable development and utilisation of mineral resources
  • Developing national assets and capabilities to ensure long-term sustainability
  • Maximising the contribution of the mining sector to the quality of life in Oman
Oman possess a diverse range of geological terranes and therefore the commission needed to consider both metalliferous and industrial mineral opportunities. 
Each commodity was assessed in terms of the technical considerations when defining and assessing potential exploration targets, mineral deposits, development projects, and operations. These were influenced by economic factors, including logistical and downstream constraints/opportunities and the international supply and demand process. 
The strategy highlighted the opportunities to create a more attractive commercial environment for developers and operators, whilst also identifying a range of opportunities in a variety of commodity value chains, that would significantly increase the mining sector’s contribution to the Oman economy.


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