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Optimising Field Investigations

SRK’s Structural Geology Workshop

Most ore deposits are formed within tectonically active areas, such as ancient basins and orogenic belts. It is no wonder then that the vast majority of mineral deposits are affected or controlled by structural features. From the perspective of mineral exploration and mining, the potential influence of both large and small scale structures on projects cannot be understated, with structures impacting most technical issues, including: grade control, resource estimation, targeting, rock mass engineering and hydrogeology.

In SRK’s experience, many projects suffer from a lack of recognition or understanding of important geological structures or structural relationships, which at an advanced stage of development may come back to haunt the project owner. Through workshops aimed at the practical applications of structural geology in the mining industry, SRK offers the opportunity for mine and exploration geologists to improve their understanding of and confidence in the practical analysis of structures, thereby helping to circumvent costly headaches and to improve exploration success.

Workshops, usually run over several days, consist of a series of tailored lectures and exercises that allows participants to grasp the different facets of structural geology whilst emphasising the practical value of robust structural analysis using real life case studies drawn from SRK’s global experience. A major emphasis is placed on honing skills used in day-to-day exploration and mining. In this respect, on-site mapping and core-logging exercises form a key aspect of training. At the end of the course, participants are better equipped to understand the structures that control mineral deposits, to map, visualise and interpret these structures and to solve complex structural problems.

Course presenters are highly-trained specialists, experienced in integrating structural geology with data such as drill program results, regional geophysics and geochemical surveys. Their extensive experience of practical problems and their solutions underpins the content of the workshops, which are designed to have a practical, site-specific focus.

SRK structural geologists have recently completed successful structural geology workshops for mines in North and South America, Africa, Australia and other parts of Asia Pacific.

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