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Managing Risks to Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainable Development Effectively

Today, society expects organizations to address the protection of people and the environment from harm in pursuing their operational strategies and demands assurance that they will take effective action in responding to risk. Consequently, incidents that result in personal harm or environmental damage are often broadly condemned and invariably exert a negative impact on the business.

Whilst the management of SHE&SD risk is a well documented concept, Regulators, Workers and Employers as well as lay observers express widely varying perceptions or opinions on the degree of understanding of risks as well as the effectiveness of controls designed to manage them.

A perceived “Profit vs Safety dilemma” results, and must be resolved if tensions among the different groups “pulling the levers”, “controlling the budget” and “policing the rules” are to be reduced so that all parties share the common goal of effective and efficient management of risk in pursuit of Zero Harm.

Standardized or Regulated approaches, however rigorously applied, are subject to human fallibility and while a one-size-fits-all solution remains distant, the 12 elements of the SRK Integrated Framework for Health & Safety Excellence © offers a practical approach to compliance based Regulatory and Standardized requirements through values based organizational and cultural development.

As with all other services we provide, SRK’s framework for managing SHE&SD risk employs practical, workable solutions for the challenges our clients identify.


• Review the company’s SHE&SD performance and benchmark it against global measures for best-in-class.
• Review and assess the organization, its culture and activities against the SRK benchmarked performance levels for each of the 12

Framework elements

• Recommend improvement plans, with referrals to subject specialists if pertinent, to address identified gaps.
• Coach and train managers and leaders in these 12 Elements:
    - Setting Progressive and Challenging Performance Targets
    - Quality Standards and Specifications (overview)
    - Employer, Regulator and Worker Cooperation
    - Risk Knowledge
    - Regulatory Compliance (overview)
    - Corporate Governance Minimum Requirements
    - Inherent Safe Design
    - Organisational Roles and Responsibilities
    - Selection and Training for Competence
    - Pertinent Management Systems
    - Behavioral Excellence
    - Operational/Procedural Excellence

Bringing the elements together = The Integrated Organisation. In other words, taking the management of SHE&SD risk beyond compliance and good practice to global excellence.

What is SHE&SD risk?: “The possibility that persons or the environment could be harmed as a result of activities associated with an operation”.

Greg Trivett:

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