Mineral Resource Estimation: Recent Advances and Current Best Practice

22 October 2018

The Geological Society, Burlington House, London

In an era of rapid technological innovation, opportunities exist to improve efficiency and quality of resource estimates, both developing trust and encouraging investment in mining projects. Forming part of the Year of the Resource, this conference aims to provide a forum for resource estimate practitioners to meet and discuss new developments and advances in mineral resource estimation and reporting.

Conference topics will include:

  • Exploratory Data Analysis: analysis of geoscience data prior to use in a MRE including databasing, data quality analysis, utilising ‘big data’, and methods of critical evaluation
  • Geological modelling: methods and processes used for generating 3D models of geological features, including software advances and comparisons, how to integrate ‘big data’ and busting commonly encountered myths
  • Geostatistics and grade estimation: methods for estimating tonnage and grade/quality of a mineral deposit, including recent software advances, new techniques and comparisons of techniques in different mineralization types. Reconciliation between estimates and production, to ground truth models
  • Resource reporting: methods used for generating mineral resource statements, including methods for demonstrating ‘reasonable prospects for eventual economic extraction’ (as defined in international reporting codes), including updates/comparisons of CRIRSCO standards and participating committees
Ben Lepley, Senior Consultant (Resource Geology)Ben Lepley (SRK UK)
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Lucy Roberts, Principal Consultant (Resource Geology)Lucy Roberts (SRK UK)
Principal Consultant (Resource Geology)
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