Grade Trend Analysis & Block Modelling

Statistical and geostatistical analyses are essential to understanding the grade distribution within your deposit. The outcome can help optimise drilling, sampling strategies, block grade estimation parameters, resource classification and quantifying mining selectivity issues. SRK utilises the most appropriate techniques to model your deposit and has extensive experience across a wide range of commodities and deposit styles.


Building from our extensive 3D geological modelling skills, SRK offers a wide range of statistical, geostatistical and grade interpolation skills including:

  • Composite length analysis
  • Statistical Analysis (uni-, bi-, or multi-variate)
  • Data Declustering
  • Multivariate correlations, interdependencies and regression analysis
  • Variographic analyses which are adapted to your deposit (e.g. raw, pairwise, Gaussian transforms)
  • 2 D and 3D trend analysis and geostatistics
  • Outlier and top-cut determination
  • Grade estimation into block models both at long term planning and selective mining scales
  • Optimising grade estimation using quantitative kriging neighbourhood analysis
  • Dealing with difficult distributions using non linear techniques
  • Managing folded or uneven domains using unfolding or dynamic search methods
  • Assessment of recoverable resources using uniform conditioning


SRK’s approach to statistical and geostatistical analyses combines our strengths in 3D structural and geological modelling with our understanding of geostatistical theory. We place considerable emphasis on understanding the 3D geology to result in robust grade domains. We believe that getting the domaining right means that subsequent grade modelling can be kept as straight forward as possible. This approach ensures we have the most confidence in the results being fit for purpose.

We can produce basic estimates to test input assumptions for scoping studies, whilst a much more comprehensive estimate may be appropriate for bankable feasibility studies and operating mines, taking account of the greater reliance placed on estimates required at later stages in a project.


Our large team of full time resource geologists includes many Competent/Qualified persons who have benefitted from global exposure to a wide range of mineral deposit types, sampling styles and commodities. We are well equipped to undertake detailed structural interpretations, grade trend analysis and 3D geological modelling in a variety of software environments and to conduct complex geostatistical evaluations as necessary.

We continue to build long lasting relationships with small and large client organisations. Our block models have helped hundreds of projects from early grass roots exploration through to production.

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