Advanced Geological Modelling

In the exploration and mining industry there has been a gradual shift away from modelling wireframes from plans and sections towards implicit modelling. SRK has invested heavily since 2005 not only in implicit modelling software, but also in hiring and training geologists to run the software to full effect. SRK now routinely produces faster and better geological interpretations to inform exploration, resource and mining geological studies.


Detailed models that used to take many months to construct in traditional software can now be created in a few weeks. Trend analysis of variables in complex datasets is often completed in minutes allowing rapid familiarisation with a mineral deposit. Modern programming code makes full use of computer processor and graphic driver capabilities; this allows rapid modelling and visualisation of large datasets which would otherwise be unwieldy. Rapid wireframing means more time can be dedicated to getting the geological interpretation correct.

Using geologist-driven software design, implicit resource modelling makes direct use of mapped and logged information such as dipstrike observations, geological coding, and assay results. Wireframes are automatically generated by advanced mathematical functions steered on-screen by the geologist without recourse to the traditional digitisation of points and lines on and between 2D planes. Complex models can also be built to automatically honour geological relationship rules.

When new geological information becomes available for an existing model, it is easy and quick to integrate the data and generate updated models according to previously established trends and rules.

Beyond improved geological modelling we are now starting to use S-Grid models where previously an unfolding routine would have been considered. S-grid modelling techniques allow for variography and grade estimation in folded and faulted domains by using adapted planar algorithms which now run in folded space and by reconstructing faulted offsets to temporarily restore original domain continuity.


SRK has a core of experienced geological modellers who are experts in both Leapfrog (Mining and Geo) and GoCAD (including Sparse, SKUA and S-Grid Builder). Our consultants are at the forefront of the implicit modelling market, contributing to the continued development of implicit software through regular consultation with software providers. We also run external training courses in advanced geological modelling techniques. Our extensive implicit modelling experience, from mine to exploration scale, includes working with:

  • Fault networks
  • Intrusions
  • Deformed Archean gold vein systems
  • Roll front uranium
  • Stratabound base metal deposits
  • Folded stratigraphic horizons
  • Vein sets for stratiform Iron ore
  • Coal
  • Porphyry copper
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